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Focused on offering a comprehensive service to brands and costumers at a national and international level, we have built an infrastructure and network of partners to support our brands and clients.

N15 works with all segments of the fashion market
including but not limited to apparel and accessories.

Our clients rely on us for consulting services, expert
advices on key market trends and data and more (visit Services & Brand page to see all the services we offer).

The most important thing for us? To make those who work with us an integral part of our company.

Number 15 Company

Number 15, fashion master agency and distributor, born in february 2003 from G.L.M. Group union and 360° Fashion Agency, both fashion rappresentance agencies end distributor.

The headquarter is located in a historic former textile factory, in Prato (Florence-Tuscany) and had over 1,000 active customers throughout Italy and abroad and expanded in February 2013, opening the first branch in London, in the heart of the city.

We represent international brands in the Italian and international markets. Over the last 20 years we have grown to become a reliable partner for brands seeking professional representation.

We are especially recognised for our passion, professionality and dedication towards our brands.

We Love Fashion, We Love People, You Are N15.